Occupational Health Services

The term consortium is defined by the FMCSA regulations as including, but not limited to, a group of employers who join together to administer DOT drug and alcohol testing programs. FMCSA encourages all employers to consider the possible business advantages of forming or joining consortia.

Open daily 9:00am-7:00pm with same day and walk-ins

Company discounts available

FMCSA DOT Physicals

As one of the first offices certified under new regulations in 2014 we have done more physicals than most office. Same Day Appointments, Driver Friendly Doctors and no wait time make us your choice for DOT physicals.

FMCSA DOT Drug Testing

Certified Collection

The DOT requires that an individual have a negative drug test result on file before beginning safety-sensitive functions.

FMCSA Breath Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Testing

Certified Collectors using Lifeloc Technologies EV30 on site breathalyzers

Non DOT Instant Drug Testing

Not for DOT Purpose

INSTANT RESULTS IN 5 minutes, checks for adulterants